David Bowie


1.   Little Wonder
2.   Looking For Satellites
3.   Battle For Britain The Letter
4.   Seven Years In Tibet
5.   Dead Man Walking
6.   Telling Lies
7.   The last thing you should do
8.   I'm Afraid Of Americans
9.   Law Earthling's On Fire
10.   Little Wonder [Censored Video Edit] (Submit new Lyrics)
11.   Little Wonder [Junior Vasquez Club Mix] (Submit new Lyrics)
12.   Little Wonder [Danny Saber Dance Mix] (Submit new Lyrics)
13.   Seven Years in Tibet [Mandarin Version] (Submit new Lyrics)
14.   Dead Man Walking [Moby Mix 1] (Submit new Lyrics)
15.   Dead Man Walking [Moby Mix 2 Us Promo 12"] (Submit new Lyrics)
16.   Telling Lies [Feelgood Mix] (Submit new Lyrics)
17.   Telling Lies [Paradox Mix] (Submit new Lyrics)
18.   I'm Afraid of Americans [Show Girls OST Version] (Submit new Lyrics)
19.   I'm Afraid of Americans [Nine Inch Nails v. 1 Mix] (Submit new Lyrics)
20.   I'm Afraid of Americans [Nine Inch Nails v. 1 Clean Edit] (Submit new Lyrics)
21.   V-2 Schneider (Tao Jones Index) (Submit new Lyrics)
22.   Pallas Athena (Tao Jones Index) (Submit new Lyrics)
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Virgin
Published in: 1997

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