David Bowie

Sound + Vision - CD 4

Sound + Vision - CD 4
1.   Blue Jean
2.   Time Will Crawl
3.   Tin Machine - Baby Can Dance (Submit new Lyrics)
4.   Tin Machine - Amazing (Submit new Lyrics)
5.   Tin Machine - I Can't Read (Submit new Lyrics)
6.   Tin Machine - Shopping For Girls (Submit new Lyrics)
7.   Tin Machine - Goodbye Mr. Ed (Submit new Lyrics)
8.   Tin Machine - Amlapura (Submit new Lyrics)
9.   You've Been Around (Submit new Lyrics)
10.   Nite Flights (Moodswings Back To Basics Remix Radio Edit) (Submit new Lyrics)
11.   Pallas Athena (Gone Midnight Mix) (Submit new Lyrics)
12.   Jump They Say
13.   David Bowie feat. Lenny Kravitz - The Buddha Of Suburbia (Submit new Lyrics)
14.   Dead Against It (Submit new Lyrics)
15.   South Horizon (Submit new Lyrics)
16.   Pallas Athena (Live) (Submit new Lyrics)
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Parlophone
Published in: 1989

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