Greatest Hits '93-'03

Greatest Hits '93-'03 17 tracks,Ska/hard rock,whole band worked on it

This is a great album for relaxing AND getting all the stress out. 2 songs aren't on any other album. This even has a song called "love Song" that was on the soundtrack for "Fifty First Dates", the movie by Adam Sandler.I highly recommmend this album for everyone!!!!!!!!
1.   Down
2.   Flowing
3.   All Mixed Up
4.   Amber
5.   Come Original
6.   Beautiful Disaster
7.   Creatures (for A While)
8.   Do You Right
9.   Ill Be Here Awhile
10.   You Wouldn't Believe
11.   Transistor
12.   Don't Stay Home
13.   Homebrew
14.   Beyond The Gray Sky (Submit new Lyrics)
15.   Love Song
16.   How Do You Feel? (Submit new Lyrics)
17.   First Straw
Type: Full CD
Publisher: Volcano
Published in: 2004

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