On The Radio

Back when I can barely remember
I was tuning in every night
Your mother wouldn't like it was happening
Mixing up a soup so right, it was alright

Next day there was, I believing
That I could ride the airwaves too
Heaven knows what I was thinking
Didn't matter what I tried to do

So tell me what I wanna know
What did I do to make it so?
'Cause I know you never gonna play this on the radio
Oh no

Record company got me a plugger
A charming man in every way
So I paid him lots of money to tell me
It's been a tough week, but what can I say

Were you killed by video?
'Cause I can't get you on the phone
So I know you're never gonna get this on the radio
Oh no

People come to watch the show
'Cause my aim is straight and true
Twenty years I've made a living at this
No thanks to you and the TV too! Fuck you

I know I never went to art school
I was never in the NME
I got no chance of sleeping with Kate Moss
What the hell is wrong with me?

Who did I forget to blow?
Should I go on a reality show?
Maybe then you'd vote for me
'Cause I can't get on the BBC

The playlist was my grail of gold
I tried and failed to sell my soul
So I know you're never gonna hear this playing on the radio

Ain't gonna hear it, no
Ain't gonna hear it playing on the radio
Playing on the radio...


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Language: English
Available on: 20 Years And Out (Cd 1) (2010), Bang (2008), The Mancunian Candidate (2013), The Very Best Of Thunder (Cd 2) (2009)