Stephen Stills
What To Do

Makin' it hard on yourself
Makin' it hard on me
Makin' it hard on you
...Its all the same (Profound Stevie, profound)

I'm not the one to tell you what to do >
I have no desire to run your life > chorus
Do you thing you know what to do >
Just don't let nobody tell ya no lies >

Could we retire
To a neutral corner
'Cause I'd like a chance
...To make myself...clear...
I said I'm still your friend
I've got a few things I'd love to say
And I'd like to think that you might want to hear...
For instance the...

chorus --

[Then we have strange noises running back and forth;
sometimes dissapearing altogether. I think its dumb but
Ronnie and Dallas got hung up. You should have such a
good time. You see, there's this little box and Dallas
twisted that knob and Ronnie twisted the other one on a
different box and I left the room because I didn't like
what I played anyway, and waited for the next verse
with the tack piano on it, which I do like, so much in
fact I ran back into the room and dove into the
speakers only to return again disguised as a bus driver
who directed the next... ]

chorus --

Blind stubborn pride drove us apart
Can't you see the place we went wrong
You hide in your world
And I'll get lost in mine
['s those little boxes with
lights and knobs. Green and red and
yellow and... ]
All we got left is a song

[which has another... ]

chorus --

[complete with handlebar mustache.]

When you decide that you'd like to know
What it is that makes a person go
When you decide you believe and you're trustin'
Let somebody open your soul

chorus --

[Then you might notice an outtasite fiddle solo that
also runs around a little but Byron Berline is too good
a fiddler to be hampered by little knobs and crazy
people in the studio...and of course we have our final
(I promise)... ]



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