Red Ver 2 (Guitar chord)

ok - the other version of red on here is good - but i found that these
chords wrk even better... have fun - this is a gorgeous song

verse 1

Em A
Come as you are sweetheart, come as you are
Em A
You know you've got nothing to prove
Em A
I'll put you to bed you can let it all go
Em A
You've been playing too rough lately


C D Em
You burn too bright
C D Em
you live too fast
C Em D C
this can't go on too long
Em C (D)
you're a tragedy starting to happen

verse 2

Em A
just as you are perfect, just as you are
Em A
I'll give you the time you deserve
Em A
don't make those promises don't tell me again
Em A Em
the dust is gonna settle you nerves


instrumental (chords for verse 1)


Em A to fade


Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?

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Language: English