STP (Stone Temple Pilots)

With hot pink purple china glow
His family trees are molded
No longer grows in summer
He holds it closer lets it go
Picks a fruit but keeps it whole
Can't keep from submarining
Can't keep the light from fading
Grab the hate and drown it out
Grab the beat and drum it out
It's all so confusing

Have a listen lend an ear
Wrote this song now if ya care
All just hum along
Words don't matter anymore

Adhesive love adhesive

Ain't the same for you and me
cartoons like reality, dogs and cats and children
The deepest wound is hidden
Ain't the same for you and me
comatose commodity the superheroes dyin'
All the children cryin'
Sell more records if I'm dead
Purple flowers once again
Hope it's sooner hope it's near corporate records' fiscal year
Down the river, Down the river

Flyin high across the plain
Purple flowers ease the pain
Here, now have a listen
Ain't the songs you're missin'
Down the river, down the river

Stitch the womb and wet the bed with a whisper I'll be dead
Don't let the living die yet! Grab the hate...
Drown it out. Grab the beat...
Drum it out. It's all so confusing

Adhesive Love Adhesive


Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?

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Language: English