she put a spell on my trouble
no help could I get from above
I got sturdy when I looked around
all them churches I burn them to the ground
where are you God to tell to the people
they are wrong by putting you on a throne
behind bars is where I belong but I’ll be gone
when the door ‘s on the jar

the better the act the less to confess
credit forsaken thus crime stood the test
she’s more then flesh and blood could bear
most wanted but never there
a fatal curse I underwent
ripping my heart like I ‘s nothing but a daddy-long-legs

stretched out on the bed
a meadow spread with daisies
she showed me in with maiden hands
this time she didn’t keep me waiting
she got away with immaculate conception
the youngborn gained through holy sex
my true belief is forever blessed
ripping my heart like I ‘s nothing but a daddy-long-legs


Submitted by walter at Wed 29 Mar, 2006 3:37 pm

Author: Helder Deploige
Composer: Helder Deploige
Publisher: Jarko Records & Booking
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Language: English


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