jackie cane

Jackie Cane was everybody's sugar
She gave it all wherever it took her
They used her up before the sell-by date
to be so sweet was her only mistake
The only flower in a concrete garden
Destined to be the rock that wouldn't harden

Jackie Cane was everybody's sugar
She'd melt away if only she could've
Taken for granted
Abused and drained
They ran her dry and then it never rained
She was the queen
Of the 25th hour
They looked so sweet
But the after taste was sour
Salty days for Jackie Cane


Submitted by walter at Thu 01 Aug, 2002 12:00 am

Author: Alex Callier, Cathy Dennis
Composer: Alex Callier, Cathy Dennis
Publisher: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Belgium) NV/SA
Published in: 2006
Language: English
Available on: Sit down and listen to (2003), The Magnificent Tree (2000), Top 40 - CD 2 (2018)


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