36 Crazyfists

Over mountains I feel safe,
Sacred were those summers.
And these memories I place in my heart for shelter.
And I modify, just to smell the ocean.
And I underline, visualizing motion.

And I guess I miss my home,
I could not stay.
I'll return, it's alright, I'm ok.

Reoccured daydream, tie up stern first.
And these gifts I've learned, never leave me.
And I redesign, family and growing.
And I realign, forgetting nothing.

Maybe in a few years it'll come back to you,
Reflection becoming your virtue.
So sort me out, lay me away.
Over these mountains I feel safe.
And bless the sound, return the day.
Over these mountains I feel safe.


Submitted by Tina at Fri 10 Sep, 2010 9:11 pm

Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: The All Blacks B.V.
Published in: 2004
Language: English
Available on: A Snow Capped Romance (2004)


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