I'd love to go out to dance tonight
I know a disco that's out of sight
I want you all to come along
Now just follow, follow the ladies
Now just come on, come on, now come on

Well, you're welcome to Waldolala
You're very welcome in Waldolala
Now lead your ladies from the table
And show us that you're able
To do your thing tonight

You came in through the door
Like the Trojan horse
You came on to the floor
Like the Trojan horse

You looked around and saw me
But your eyes remained the same
But soon you would show more
Like the Trojan horse


Come on now one, two, three
You're gonna dance with me
One, two, three, four, five
You say I'll be your wife

You move a little fast
Now wait a little while
If you want to last
You show a little style

Sing me, sing me a chanson
Sing me, sing me a sweet love song
Sing me, sing me a chanson
That is the only thing I want


Hey, hello, so you're the greatest lover
Hey, hello, you're such a sexy thing
Come let's sing and let us dance all night
You make me feel, yeah, feel alright


Fancy talkin'
Yes, I do
Fancy walkin'
Oooh yes, I do

Would you care to join me
For a drink tonight?
Yes I, yes I, yes I do

Dum, dum, darling
I love you
Dododo, dum darling
I love you

To, to, to, to, tonight


Submitted by Nita at Fri 25 Aug, 2006 12:42 pm

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Language: English


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