Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon
Desperados Under The Eaves (Guitar chord)


Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 04:53:13 +0000 (UT)
From: Kevin Dutcher
Subject: Song: Desperados Under the Eaves By: Warren Zevon
To: guitar@olga.net

Artist: Warren Zevon
Song:Desperados Under the Eaves
From: Warren Zevon (1st album)
Transcribed by: Kevin Dutcher (kdutcher@msn.com)

F Bb C F F/A
I ...
Bb C Dm
I ..
A A7 Dm Gm
I ...
Fsus4 F Csus4
All ..

Bb C Bb F
And ...
Bb Am Gm F
Like ..
Ddim6 Am Gm F
I ....
(Bb - C)

Bb Am Gm C F
But ...
Bb Am Gm C Dm
Don't ...
Dm Gm7
Don't ...
Gm7 Csus4 C Fsus4 F
Heaven ...

Gm Dm
Still ....
F C Dm
And ...
A A7 Dm C
But ...,
Bb Am Gm C F
Don't ...
Bb C F F/A
I ...
Bb C Dm
I ...

(Dm F/C F) (Bb F C)
Look ....


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