The Bony King Of Nowhere

The Bony King Of Nowhere
Like Lovers Do

The silence in the morning is driving me insane
I tried to give you everyday I tried to love you well
You know I care like lovers do
Last night I was there I stood among the crowd
But soon I felt alone could only wish you'd be there too
Feel the night time like lovers do
I don't mind where you've been just tell me that you care
Now the nights are getting longer and sooner the autumn leaves
Will fall like lovers do
I saw you in the distance on a cold dark night
And I was only passing through but I wished I could stay
This silence in here gets darker every day
It is breaking us apart
I wake up in the evening
Something must have hit me real hard
Though I know it wasn't sleep
I feel like I am tired anyhow
I go out in the streets
Wander why we ever took this turn babe
You know our love is strong
Then why can't you just leave the past behind
While I'm trying to be grateful
Sometimes I don't seem to be alive
You swore you'd always be there
But I can't seem to find you when I need you
?? if I want to comfort you
And I know we're not alone right now
I guess that's the price I have to pay
Now baby all I need is something I can understand
I still wake up every morning just trying to live out the days
This silence in here is breaking us apart

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    walter at Wed 01 Aug, 2018 9:26 pm

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Published in: 2018
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