Heaven 17

Heaven 17
The Fuse

(Never had a good day)
Baby wants a pair of shoes
(How'm I gonna repay?)
A thousand fingers touch my heart
I need so much
Blue Force is tearing me apart

Chorus 1:
No time for might have been
You're on the winning team
No time to choose
It's time to light the fuse

I know there's nothing I can do
(Don't let it freeze you)
The age of miracles is through
(They're never gonna please you)
The iceman's back, he treats the crowds
And ice is free
Blue force is pouring from the clouds

Tonight could be the night
We'll walk into the cool light
Though I'll not see you again
Light the fuse now!

They say the best's too good for you
(Your head's on fire)
That golden letdown can't be true
(Push push a little higher)
But when they say that we can't win
And you agree
Blue force will never fight for sin

Chorus 2:
I heard a voice tonight
Calling by satellite
"Thousands are right
And some will light the fuse"

Chorus 1 (repeat)
Chorus 2 (repeat)
Chorus 1 (repeat)

Glenn Gregory: Lead vocals, backing vocals
Martyn Ware: Linndrum programming, backing vocals
Ian Craig Marsh: Fairlight
Greg Walsh: Fairlight programming
Afrodiziak: Backing vocals


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Thu 14 Aug, 2003 9:45 pm

Author: Glenn Gregory, Ian Craig Marsh & Martyn Ware
Composer: ?
Publisher: Virgin Records Ltd
Published in: 2016
Language: English


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