smiling (operation ivy)

Smile! Friends! Watching you! At the party, at the busstop, at the bar. You look at women, 'cause your score is under par. When you find her, it doesn't mean anything. You wonder why your life is fucking boring. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. You would gladly waste it, just to save your face. Her desire is your wish. Without you are lost. Integrity is fragile, but you ignore the cost. Smiling when your friends are watching you. Smiling when your friends are watching, watching Wim yeah. One night stand, car keys in hand. You fulfilled your genders' sexual demand. Are you feeling insecure and empty, when you're rushing to report to your peers? Smile! Friends! Watching you!


Submitted by André at Fri 12 Dec, 2003 1:00 am

Author: ?
Composer: ?
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Language: English
Available on: Peace Of Sunshine (2002)


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