lift me up

With the music by my side got no worries on my mind, take me to a place of a higher kind. Higher than what the day normally brings. Yeah yeah yeah, music is the drug that I surely need. Yeah yeah yeah, give me satisfaction I surely need. Take me up to a higher place. This music that we love supports me when things are a mess. Take me up to a higher place. Sing along with me for this source of happiness. Lift me up. Lift me up to a higher place. There's no doubt in my mind, I'll never leave it behind, take me to a place of higher kind.


Submitted by André at Fri 12 Dec, 2003 1:00 am

Author: Piet Tutenel, Joan Govaerts, Wim Bruyninckx, Pieter Stockmans
Composer: ?
Publisher: Green Leaf Records
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Published in: 1998
Language: English
Available on: Peace Of Sunshine (2002)


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