Sun, sea and sand and a blue september.
Everything's wide, calm and peaceful.
Walking down the shore with our feet in the water.
It gave me a magical feeling.
Lovely island nearby, has won over my heart.
The sun on my face and you by my side,
we're all alone, nothing can touch us now.
Trying to believe that it could be like this forever,
but I don't think so.
How long will it take to forget it?
How long will it take for the magic to disappear,
pushed away by October-obligations?
Going over to a place, waiting for a thing to change.
Going over to a place in my mind.
It's nearby, yet so far away from all our daily worries,
that disappear, pushed away by high tide.


Submitted by tauzefien at Sat 10 May, 2003 12:00 am

Author: Joan Govaerts, Pieter Stockmans
Composer: ?
Publisher: Green Leaf Records
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Published in: 2000
Language: English
Available on: Peace Of Sunshine (2002)


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