Stan Ridgway
Uba's House Of Fashions

I was long way off from where I'd been
>From behind a desk, behind a cool, green cloud
A strange low voice told me then
To join the crowd
At Uba's, Uba's, Uba's...fashions

Uba said to Jumbo, won't you take my child
I have walked a million miles
Changin' my clothes changin' what I wear
Used to worry 'bout things
Now I just don't care


A long line formed at the door in the back
Everybody wanted a dress off the rack
They wanted something from her that made 'em shake
She screamed, "Everybody gotta pay
For what they take!"


I'm leavin' town now and changin' my name
NEver gonna be the same
Jumbo had a baby...lives on Blueberry Hill
And everybody got a momma
'Cause she's hangin' out there still

Uba's house of fashions...

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Language: English


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