Tina Dickow (Tina Dico)

Tina Dickow (Tina Dico)
Swedish Skies

Just because we've stopped doesn't mean we're stuck
You say we're out of touch and we're out of luck
I try and fight the blade
I stay at home and wait

Waiting for the load on my chest to vanish or hide
Pray for you to show me the love that you're keeping inside

I'm brewing up a drink and I want you to taste
Afraid that you don't care and it'll go to waiste
It would take us both back where we came from the Swedish skies
Lift our spirits up from the ground and our souls to the heights
We'll meet in the lights

I'll make it right
I'll make it right
Please lift our spirits up
I'll make it right


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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: The Road To Gävle (2009)


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