Smoke City

Smoke City

I feel lost
I'm afraid that my love
Loves another

Do you know
To be happy we must wake up
And a place to confront with passion
As the body
The body?
Yes the body, and the shoulders
And the space between the breasts

The green birds,
The flamingos,
The doves, the sparrows
Songs that can be used
According to the occasion
There are different types of byte
Dog bytes, wouf!
Playful bytes, miaou!
Dialetical byte of a wolf, ohhh

Giulietta love this (the religion)
And your lover is your god
And the stimulator of the cold
Your spirit
Like the incense it must stay
Smoke on the outer
Of your loving body

Now you know the Kama Sutra


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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: Flying Away (1997)


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