Wilson Pickett

Wilson Pickett
If You Need Me

If you need me, I wantcha to call me
Said if you need me, all ya gotta do is call me
Don't wait too lo-o-ong if things go wrong
I-I-I'll be home, whoa-oh-oh, home

If you want me, send for me
I said if you want me, want, all ya gotta do is send for me
Don't wait too lo-o-ong, just-a pick up your phone
And I-I-I'll (hurry home where I belong)

People always said, darlin', that I didn't mean you no good.
And you would need me someday.
Way deep down in my heart I know I've done the best I could.
That's why I know that one of these days, it won't be long,
you'll come walkin' through that same door (I'll hurry home).
And I can imagine in my mind that these are the words that you'll be sayin'.

I still love you, always thinkin' of you
And I still love, love, always thinkin' of you
Don't wait too lo-o-ong, just-a pick up your phone
And I-I-I'll hurry home (I'll hurry home)
Right there, where I belong


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Author: Golden-Bateman-Pickett, Robert Bateman, Wilbert Golden, Wilson Pickett, Sonny Sanders
Composer: ?
Publisher: Atlantic Recording Corporation, WEA International Inc.
Published in: 1963
Language: English
Available on: Gold (1999), Greatest Hits (1999), If You Need Me, It's Too Late (1963), Midnight Hour, R&b Soul


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