Empire Of The Sun
Standing on the Shore

Standing on the Shore by Empire of the Sun, Music Video and Lyrics

Standing on the Shore is the third single by Australian electronic music duo Empire of the Sun, from their debut album 'Walking on a Dream'.
The single is set to be released in June 2009, along with a cover of the Black Box Recorder song "The Art of Driving" as a B-side.
The music video for the song has been shot at Lancelin, north of Perth, Australia. The video clip was directed by Josh Logue of Mathematics and choreographed by Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton of Perth dance company Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre (AIVDT).

You can listen the song here.

Empire of the Sun - Standing on the Shore Lyrics

Standing on the shore
Waiting for the ship in call
There?s something in the way I move
That keeps them on their own

A star explodes a storm
A billion seasons born
A shock to the waves I know
breaking far from shore

Don?t want to talk
All I hear is noise

The future?s in my hands
I hold it in my palms
Engrave it in the ley lines running
Right down her arms

Speak in silent tongues
Lies reflect the times
The ghost and the shadows fill
The living scene

Don?t want to talk
All I hear is noise

Song Information

Released June 2009
Recorded Soundworks Music Studio, Sydney, Australia
Genre Electroacoustic, Alternative
Length 4:25
Label EMI
Writers Nick Littlemore, Luke Steele, Peter Mayes

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