Dolly Dots

Dolly Dots

Sing along, listen to the music
Day or night you just have to choose it
You, you just have to turn it on

In the groove with my favorite DJ
We can dance to the hits that he plays
You, you just have to turn him on

Everybody listens to the radio
There you go
Everybody's singing to the songs they know
Everybody listens to the radio
Where you go
You don't have to miss your favorite show

I like funk
I'm in love with disco
I like punk
Things that you are into
Oh, I could hear it alll day long


With my friend driving on the high way
Listening to songs from then and today
Wish (how we wish)
We could take you all along

In the car kissing on the back seat
Music's up I can feel my heart beat
Oh, you're they guy who turns me on
1 2 3 4!


Submitted by Anonymous at Mon 07 Apr, 2003 12:00 am

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Language: English


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