woe and alas

A love so sweet
Then interrupted - such a cruelty, what distress ...
Who'd comfort him
When after having won and served the king he lost his mistress?

"Oh will you always wait for me
Until the war has set me free?"
And then a last goodbye ...

Woe and alas
Lost in their sadness and their lonely hearts, as tears console them
Spending their days
Weeping and mourning they would pine way, no arms to hold them

"Oh will she still be waiting there
A maid like her, so young, so fair"
A soldier far from home (A soldier all alone)

Although his heart secretly cried
Too hard to brave the lonely nights

Then he returned
Tired of the war, oh how his inside burnt with love and passion
Finding her gone
Lost in the world but forced to carry on, no life reflections

"How could I think she'd wait for me
A pretty girl like her?" So he
Cried no woe and alas

(c) T. Scherpenzeel


Submitted by tauzefien at Fri 11 Jul, 2003 12:00 am

Author: Ton Scherpenzeel
Composer: ?
Publisher: Usm
All lyrics and other info from this band may be published on our site
Published in: 1974
Language: English
Available on: Kayak (1974), Kayak 2 (1995), Royal Bed Bouncer 2 (1994)


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