I hope this thing ain't done
Before I wrote it to my heart, you know
The problem's always to be new
But this is just a thing I do
When it's late
I don't write serenades to you

When eyes don't see and ears don't hear
Then there is nothing left to feel, you know
It must be pretty hard to judge
When it's not understood and then
To get paid
I can't write serenades to you

(c) T. Scherpenzeel, P. Koopman


Submitted by tauzefien at Fri 11 Jul, 2003 12:00 am

Author: Pim Koopman, Ton Scherpenzeel
Composer: ?
Publisher: Usm
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Published in: 1974
Language: English
Available on: Kayak (1974), Kayak 2 (1995), The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music (2015), The Very Best Album Ever (2004)


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