Slow An Easy Ver 3 (Guitar tab)


From: viper@warwick.net
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 18:20:19 -0400
Subject: Slow An' Easy by Whitesnake

#-----------------------PLEASE NOTE----------------------------#
# This file is the author's own work and represents their #
# interpretation of the song. You may only use this file #
# for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Ok, enough with the disclaimer crap....Here's a song for ya!

Slow An' Easy (US version)
By Whitesnake
Tabbed By SJS (viper@warwick.net)

The song is in a standard tuning...(I wish all songs were)
This is pretty much complete, everything is mapped out, minus
the solo. Every basic aspect of the song is mapped
out, for my first tab, I don't think I did that bad....Just follow
the order at the bottom of the tab and you shouldn't have that
much of a problem.

(A) (B)

(C) (D) (E)

(F) (G)
E-------------------------------| E--------------------------------|
B-------------------------------| B--------------------------------|
G----77777----77777----77775----| G----5-7-5-7-0==--5-7-5-7-7-0==--|
D----77777----77777----77775----| D----3-5-3-5-0==--3-5-3-5-5-0==--|
A----55555----55555----55553----| A--------------------------------|
E-------------------------------| E--------------------------------|

(H) (I)
E---------------------| E-------------| (A+B+C+D+C+E) x2
B---------------------| B-------------| (A) x1 -> (E) x2
G------0530300-030----| G----7-5-0==--| (F) x3 -> (G) x3
D----03-------3-------| D----5-3-0==--| (H) x2 -> (F) x5
A---------------------| A-------------| (G) x3 -> (H) x3
E---------------------| E-------------| ------SOLO------
(G) x3 -> (H) x3
(F) x2 -> (E) x2

Like I said, this is my first tab...
I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now, taught myself from tab,
and i'm not spectacular, but i'm not horrible either. Just follow
the order of the components of the song, and that's about it....I
didn't tab a few chords that were in there, but they're easy to find,
they just fill in some of the empty spots between components.
There are also a few harmonics tossed in by John Sykes here and there
as dressing, if you want them, figure it out!
Many thanks to mister David Coverdale, my personal hero, and
mister John Sykes for putting together this awesome song, and to the
boys over there at Panasonic, for without their cd player, this tab
would not have been possible.

Questions? Comments? E-mail them to viper@warwick.net...

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