Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke
Having A Party

Dancin' to the music
Played by the DJ
On the radio
The Coke's out in the icebox
Popcorn's on the table
Me and my baby
We're out here on the floor

So Mr., Mr. DJ
Keep those records playin'
'Cause I'm a-havin' such a good time
Dancin' with my baby

Everybody's swingin'
Sally's doin' the twist now
If you take requests I've
Got a few for you
Play that song called "Soul Twist"
Play that song called "I Know"
Don't forget "The Mashed Potatoes"
No other songs will do

So Mr., Mr. DJ...

We're havin' a party
Everybody's swingin'
Dancin' to the music
On the radio


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Author: Sam Cooke
Composer: Sam Cooke
Publisher: Big3
Published in: 2011
Language: English


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