Playa Hata (feat. Teddy)

Why you wanna.... playa hate on me??
Oh-hoo-hooooo baby
Oh yeahhhhh
Why you wanna playa hate on me??

Nobody can help him, so welcome to the land of ski maskes
We blastes to bust a couple of caps up in they weak asses
The dust that's bein kicked up, and Yuk is down to lick up
Do a stick up at an armored truck pick up, then get
Up out the scenery with greenery
Stopped up, watch up sew the block up wit creamery
The cream, I bling, got fiends on my team
Like Hakeem the dream andhoes swing on my ding-a-ling
Sumpthin tremendous, they spend grip, endless trips to Macy's
They drape me, so playa haters... hate me
I keep the safety off my four-fifth, hold it in focus
Fools didn't used to trip on my dick when I was the brokest
But notice, I got a lil mail now
Cause everbody bump L-U-N-I-Z like hell now
You juss a busta brown an blood you know
Chris spreadin faulty +Rumors+ around the Town like Club Nouveau
Really though

[Hook: Teddy]
Why you wanna.... playa hate on me?? {*2X*}
(Why you playa hate??!!)
Why you wanna.... playa hate on me?? {*2X*}

I gots to keep my business to myself
Cause haters talk mo than get shot to spread rumors when it's loaded
Hatin get yo grill exploded, quick, severed
The first thing I heard, I stole a credit card from Chris Webber
I never knew that, but's who's that, an next
I heard them ridin around smokin crack in the back of my homie's Lex
It be them broke ass, no cash, busters tryin to quote...
That's why the Town got rid of $hort
I think you busta browns need to wise up before we ride up
Stop! Sew up yo block, an sew them lies up
Once don't trip, twice no grip
Three timmesss, will get you bucked wit the nine
I thought the hatin would stop, but the rumors are passin still
Sounds like that busta that plugged mo holes than mass appeal
You need to stop!! Hatin on
The C-N-O-T-E, D-R-U, an the L-U-N-I-Z

[Hook] - 4X

Break it down, oh yeah
Fo the Luniz an, they homies
I am here to let you know!!
Gotta think for you.... so leave the Luniz alone

Let me tell yo ass a story, yes
They juss be hatin to the fullest but you can miss me wit that B.S. that
You stress
When you test the young Hugh Hef', the tech a spit up
Chest get lit up, foo' that's a rig up

Now I think the whole world knows me, not what they should know
It's like rap an sellin crack is all I'm good for
Hangin in the hood for so long
I see why they talk, bitches snitch a buster's home

(Can we talkkkk.... fo a minute??)

Yo broad won't me up in it!
I be there hand in [?]
Can it all be so simple
Like Wu-Tang, spit true game, to get pootang from a nympho

Now I keep sayin, don't get mad cause you can't bump me
But I'm still gonna spit it
Cause you still don't get it
If it ain't noted, don't quote it
Haters when it comes to common sense you ain't showed it
I don't understand!


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Published in: 1995
Language: English


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