Like A Satellite

Imagining a place where you'll be starting off your day
I fight the distance with a picture in my head
But I don't know when I'll see you, I guess I'll have to dream instead
You're so far away

If I could be I'd be with you, even if for just one day, 'cos if

I close my eyes and dream on, I can fool myself in sound and vision
Like a satellite reaching out through the night
I could almost be touching you

And when we're talking long distance on the phone
You know it makes me feel like I'm not so alone
The situation never causes me pain
The communication that we have is on another plane

All the waiting makes me stronger, and the time between us flies

Whenever - chorus


If I could be I'd be with you, even if for just one day
Those miles between us, they just start fading away

Whenever - chorus

Like a satellite, like a satellite



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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: STC Recordings
Published in: 2009
Language: English


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