Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills
Move Around

Given life
We move around

Reach for light
Or slight...
We move around

We move around

One searches
For the sake of searching
Clearly then
We move...

We move around

A supurb point of reference detected
becomes absured with a moments reflection
leaves one a simple thought
not sagging with the excess weight of excess baggage
and we move around

We move around

One thinks then
...Then stands at a brink
Finds a key...
And stinking of revelation
...drinking in exaltation
We move...

We move...around

No need
To prove
No one around
No one
You to stand your

We move around

Don't you know its all right...
...To be wrong thus you grow be amused and be strong

The acceptance of error with grace
Is to refuse to be vain and so afraid of losing face
This fear drives one further into what one thinks
To be a race of life...or death
Or simply take another breath
Of nature's...air now...
Which is fair now...
Which is to be alive
To move

We move around


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