Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills
Isn't It So Stephen Stills

Love is a secret
That everyone knows
Love is a chime that rings
When the wind blows

Keep yourself honest
So it can grow
'Cause when you've lost it
Your heart turns cold
Isn't it so?

I remember the first girl
That I really loved
However it hurt her
She loved me enough

I wanted to wander
She knew I would go
She shed a tear knowin'
That I'd be alone
Wasn't it so?

Painfully I was most aware how
Very unfair it was
Leavin' her suddenly just like that
Goin' God knows where I was

Chasing a rainbow
She understood
She was a prophet
She told me I should

Follow my heart
Like I'd been told
Seek out your vision
Before you get old
Isn't it so?

Now many years later
I finally see
How much she did love me
She set me free

Her last few dollars
Put gas in my car
She said "Promise to write me
Wherever you are"

From out on the highway
I think I wrote twice
I always remembered
Her simple advice

Love is a secret
That everyone knows
Try too hard to hide it
It never will show

Isn't it so

How did she know


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