Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills
Flaming Heart Ray Arnott

In your face
I saw risk
Well worth the taking
Time alone
The first kiss
No taking

I loved you from the start
Lost control
Of my flaming heart
Too cold when we're apart
Babe behold
This flaming heart

As the years
Been rollin' by
I've been searchin'
Who had the keys
To the flaming heart
You see emergin'

I loved you from the start
Can't you feel
My flaming heart

Never be apart
No one can steal from you this
Flaming heart

(Talk about it James)

(So listen baby we're talkin' 'bout)

The fire
I can see
Within you burnin'
Same as me
Endless yearnin'

I loved you from the start
With the heat
Of a flamin' heart
We can't be apart no more with need
Of this
Flamin' heart



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Language: English


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