Ritual Carnage

Ritual Carnage
Servant of the black

Singed by fire, stained with blood, the howls of the damned
Valleys of thorns, rivers of fire, crushing the bones
The relentless flame of Hades shall burn, there is no end
Unleash the powers of evil to consume the mortal man

For I'm the beast, of 666, servant of the black
What man has made, man can destroy, the christian I will slay

Death to the weak, hail to the strong, I challenge the laws of christ
Nothing is sacred, I question all, I won't believe this word
Fragile wisdom in lies, the prophets of ujust shall burn
The messiah of filth is dead, you will never see your god

For I'm the beast, of 666, christian, I slay, you will never see your god


Submitted by Tina at Sat 13 Sep, 2008 3:34 pm

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Language: English


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