Ritual Carnage

Ritual Carnage
Burning red, burn 'til death

Empire falling, the end drawing near
His final mission, with nothing to fear
To die for his country, empowered by pride
On the verge of defeat, he must change it's tide

Desperation human weapon, vowing to die for his flag
Into fire he will fly, the emperor's orders obeyed
Sacrificial suicide, as he takes his final dive
Burst the flames the bitter end, wnds divine
Burning red, burn 'til death

Blessed by his saviors, his last drink in hand
Possessed with his mission, for his final stand
Bound to his duty, engraved in his soul
Death won't deter him, from reaching his goal

Flight of the zero, it's his time to die
Bomb laden aircraft, determined he flies
Speeds of the runway, and into his fate
Striking with fury, the heavens await


Submitted by Tina at Sat 13 Sep, 2008 3:21 pm

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Language: English


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