Rain is gone

I will not be here to harm you
There is no cure for love
I will not even wake you from your sweetest dream

I will not be here to hug you
Like white cloud hugs white dove
I will not say I'm leaving you alone to bloom

When the rain will be gone
We will make our love
To work again like before
We will try to get out
Of this dusty dark cloud
And the sun will throw a light on our shore

I don't believe (that) our life is wasted
We just began our life
And we must try to foster it, and to defend

My soul feels like it is exhausted
It's so fragile and sad
Put your hand on my chest, my heart does not pretend

A light on our shore...
Throw a light on our shore...
Of this dusty dark cloud...
We will try to get out...
To work like before...
Work again like before...
We will make our love...
When the rain will be gone...


Submitted by Tina at Sat 13 Sep, 2008 3:01 pm

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Language: English


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