Vanilla Ninja

Vanilla Ninja
The coldest night

He could feel the secrets
She was hiding deep inside
Tell me of the nightmares
You have to fight

Rain of ice was fallin'
From the black clouds in her eyes
Demons on my mind
You can't exorcise

It's the coldest night
When I will wake you
If you follow me I'll take you
To the weird obsessions
In my soul
It's the coldest night
When I will let you
Look inside my hell - so that you
Feel the pain that noone
Can console

If you ask a liar
He will leave the truth behind
Looking into fire
Can make you blind

Tortured by the unknown
Couldn't love her anymore
And he heard her cry
Just as he closed the door


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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: Blue Tatoo (2005)
Also available in: Dutch


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