Only Seven Left

Only Seven Left
I'm fine

Shall I kick off with the bad news?
We've had a year full of abuse
And lies
There was some love
There were some fights
But was it all
For this prize?
A bitter view
In your eyes?

'Cause I would die
To see you cry
Of what you tried
That thursday night
You should have called me
To say: "I'm sorry"
But that's part of your poisoned pride

Why did you want me?
I sure am sorry
For this waste of precious time

Thirty different ways to die
You've thrown away you chance to shine
And now I am proud to say: "I'm fine"


Submitted by Tina at Fri 10 Sep, 2010 5:50 pm

Author: Bart van Dalen
Composer: Bart van Dalen
Publisher: (Not on label)
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Published in: 2010
Language: English


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