Jan Rot

Jan Rot
And what i also like

Tickling is the kind of favour I ask every woman in my
neighbourhood. Tickling is the kind of feeling that turns every
evening from bad into good. Tickling has that kind of humour, oh
physical humour means so much to me. Tickle, tickle me five
minutes, tickle me an hour and I belong to you. And what I also
like is lying on the ground, while girls are trying to drop some
grapes into my mouth. In my eyes and in my hair, throw your grapes
everywhere, but throw one in my mouth and I belong to you!
Love games, I've found them odd and dull. Love games, I don't like
'm at all. But my games are fun and easy to do. My games, play one
of my games and I belong to you. And what I also like is number 69
while I am kissing your feet and you are kissing mine. But when
you ask me honestly what is really pleasing me: kiss my little toe
and I belong to you!


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Author: Jan Rot
Composer: Jan Rot
Publisher: ?
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Published in: 1982
Language: Dutch
Available on: For lp fans only (1994), Single (1982)


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