Jan Rot

Jan Rot
Every tiny step

Every tiny step you're making when you walk around, every tiny
step, every time you hit the ground, every tiny step is witnessed
by my eyes, my dear: I'm a detective. Every tiny word coming from
your tiny mouth, every tiny word, no matter what you talk about,
every tiny word is witnessed by my ears, my dear: I'm a detective.
No movement is escaping my eyes, no sound is escaping my ears. I
will go where you go: I'm on a mission from love. I'm a private
detective paid by myself. I gotta find out how I can win ye all
for myself. And every tiny thing you put on your fingerprints,
every tiny thing, every note and every hint, every tiny thing is
witnessed by my gloves, my love: I'm a detective.


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Author: Jan Rot
Composer: Jan Rot
Publisher: ?
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Published in: 1982
Language: English
Available on: For lp fans only (1994), Single (1982)


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