Randy Newman

Randy Newman
Love Story

I like your mother
I like your brother
I like you
And you like me too
We'll get a preacher

I'll buy a ring
We'll hire a band
With an accordion
A violin
And a tenor who can sing

You and me you and me, baby

We'll have a kid
Or maybe we'll rent one
He's got to be straight
We don't want a bent one
He'll drink his baby brew
From a big brass cup
Someday he may be president
If things loosen up

You and me you and me, baby

I'll take the train into the city ev'ry mornin'
You may be plain - I think you're pretty in the mornin'
And some nights we'll go out dancin'
If I am not too tired
Some nights we'll sit romancin'
Watching the Late Show by the fire

When our kids are grown
With kids of their own
They'll send us away
To a little home in Florida
We'll play checkers all day
Until we pass away

Patrick Meuris

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Frank Potters

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Author: Randy Newman
Composer: Randy Newman
Publisher: ?
Language: English


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