Randy Newman

Randy Newman
Lonely At The Top

I've been around the world
Had my pick of any girl
You'd think I'd be happy
But I'm not
Ev'rybody knows my name
But it's just a crazy game
Oh it's lonely at the top

Listen to the band they're playing just for me
Listen to the people paying just for me
All the applause all the parades
And all the money I have made
Oh it's lonely at the top

Listen all you fools out there
Go on and love me I don't care
Oh it's lonely at the top
Oh, it's lonely at the top


Submitted by Sanderxx at Tue 03 Apr, 2012 2:46 am

Author: Randy Newman
Composer: Randy Newman
Publisher: ?
Published in: 1971
Language: Dutch
Available on: Guilty: 30 Year Of (CD 1) (1998), Lonely At The Top (1987), Randy Newman Live (1971), Sail Away (1972)


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