This Mortal Coil

This Mortal Coil
Mr. Somewhere

Day comes up sicker than a cat
Something's wrong that is that

Mr.Somewhere missing somewhere never did figure just how much

A boat from the river takes you out
'cross the other side of town, to get out, to get out
You take the tide, any tide, any tide
Like there isn't gonna be any tide

A world like tomorrow wears things out
It's hard enough to get what's yours for now
And the hardest words are spoken softly
Softly look, no hands upon

Now the milkman beats you to the door
That was once a home, home no more

Mr. Somewhere missing somewhere couldn't get the calendar to stop
Missing somewhere, never did figure just how much
Missing somewhere, never will admit just how much


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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: Blood (1991)


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