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Take Out Some Insurance (Guitar tab)


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Take Out Some Insurance
from "Number 10"
by J. J. Cale

Transcribed from the CD number ORE CD 523
by Ian Prideaux (mailto:ian@netgates.co.uk)
This is a simple song in D major and predictably uses G and A major as
along with the C major at the end of the verses and chorus, a device
JJ often uses. It's played on guitar with a smattering of fiddle,
especially in the bridge. In the first line in the second verse, I can't
quite figure out what the ~a something~ is, if anyone knows, email me.
Have Fun.

[D] [G]
A man knocked upon the door, said "Don't you know you're gonna die some

I've got a plan for you, man, for when you pass away.

[D] [G] [D]
We'll give to your mother, your kids and your wife

[G] [D]
and all you have to give in return is your life.

Take out some insurance, insurance today,

[D] [C] [D]
for tomorrow will come and take us away.


[G] [D]
Two men were gambling in ~a something~ one night

when a woman walked in with her dress up so tight.

[G] [D]
She asked the two gentlemen would they fight for her name.

[C] [D]
They got up and shot her and went back to their game.

[bridge, all on a D chord except for the final C-D like the end of each

[G] [D]
This aint no sad song, don't cry in your beer,

for one day will come and we won't be here.

[G] [D]
Somebody else will take up our game,

[C] [D]
different place, different name.


Ian Prideaux


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Thu 14 Aug, 2003 4:22 pm

Author: ?
Composer: J.J. Cale
Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.
Published in: 1992
Language: English
Available on: Number 10 (1992)


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