Melanie Safka

Melanie Safka
Animal Crackers

Eat your animal-crackers,
'Cause my mother,
Told me so long ago,
"If you eat yout animal-crackers,
The children in Europe,
Won't starve anymore".
Ha ha haha hahahahaha.

Once I went on a diet,
A carbohydrate-diet ain't nice.
'Cause you can't eat animal-crackers.
So, I'm gonna stay a fatty
For all of my life.
Ha ha haha hahahahaha.
But some people think,
That fatties are nice, yeah.

I love eating icecream.
Chocolate, vanilla and butter-pecan.
But I best love animal-crackers
'Cause I love helping my fellowman.
Yeah, I really do.

Did you ever hear of Alice's restaurant?
I eat at Alice's restaurant,
Year after year.
She makes an animal-cracker pizza,
And she gives animal-crackers,
Out free with the beer.
Oh, let's give Alice a great big cheer!
She knowes the age,
Of the animal-cracker is here.
Animal-crackers are in this year!
Ha ha hahaha,
Oh, la la lalalalala.


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Frank Potters

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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: 16 Golden Hits, Born to Be (1968), Leftover Wine (1970)
Also available in: Dutch


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