Swan Swan H (Guitar chord)


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The Rhythm guitar is played on a 12 - string while the other part is
played on a regular 6 - string.

This song is in 6/8 time. In the intro, Peter plays an Am chord. On
beat four, he lifts up his finger on the second fret of the D string
then hammers it right back on. Its an old trick but one of my
favorites. He also does it on the Dm chord when it's played for a
whole 6 beats - except of course, he lifts his finger off of the G

Am Dm G
Am Dm
Hurrah, ..
Am Dm G
What ..
Am Dm
Girl ..

Am Dm G
Swan, ..
Am Dm
Am Dm G Am
A long, ..

Em F
Johnny ...
Em F
Forty ..
Em F
Hey ..
Em C G
Some ..

{same as first verse}
Night .,..
Long, ..talk to me

G Bm
A ..
The ..
G Bm C C/B
Marching ...

{Em to F progression}
Six ..
Tell ..
Hey ..
Some ..

Night ..
Swan, ..
Hurrah, ..
What ..
Long, ..
A ..
The ..

{end on Am}

Here's what goes on in the background:

Swan Swan...

Am Dm G Am Dm
(A)-0-2-3------|---0-|-----|-0-2-3-----|---| Back over

Johnny rep...

Em F Em F

When switching from #1 to #2 or #3 do this

...some bones, chains...

Em F Em Am
(E)---3-----|----|-----|-------| ... 1st time
| G D C D
This on (G)-----|-0-0-0-----|---------|---------|---------|
A Pistol... (D)---0-|-------4-2-|-4-2-0-0-|---------|-0-0-2-4-|
(#3) (A)-----|-----------|---------|-3-3-2-3-|---------|
|2nd time
|D Em
(D) |-0-0-0-|Six...
(A) |-------|

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