Fretless (Guitar tab)

Date: Sun, 3 Sep 1995 19:58:08 -0500 (CDT)
From: David G Gels
Subject: rem/fretless.tab

Here's my tab for "Fretless", REM's song off the Until the End of the
World soundtrack....a beautiful, haunting song, and one that I was
surprised not to find already posted....here goes...



That's the basic tune, right there.

before the chorus, it just repeats -3-
----- which leads to
B (slide) A D D A E
They come and they come....

B (slide) A D

pre-verse: +---0---0---|----0--------------
+-----------|-2------(back to main riff)

well, that's it. I'm not too sure about the "don't talk to me" part...I
usually just use a D with a walking down bass line, and it sounds
alright, although it's wrong.
I don't really feel like typing out the words, partly because I don't
know all of them, and I'm lazy as hell....hope this helps....

Input positive and negative very welcome


Dave G. Gels
University of North Dakota

"I come to rest in the middle of the street,
a bunch of enpty beer cans rattling at my feet."

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