Bettie Serveert

Bettie Serveert
entire races

when the man inside the moon
decides to change his smile
and the autumn coloured leaves
don't seem to be worth while
when everything seems strange
and nothing feels the same

I'm embarrassed by the dreams
that I once held for true.
when it seems like everyone of them
was misconstrued
now everyone's asleep,
who should I belief

should this be real, the way I feel.
was there something wrong with me
is there something wrong with me.
let them all doubt, you've been right before

when I'm sick of all the soaker
friends I knew before.
and then finally everyone of them
walked out the door.
now everyone's asleep,
who should I believe

entire races, have been squireling their feelings away
I watch their faces and the traces of toiling thru yesterdays

sugarspine, blow my mind,
make me watch and waste my time
common horde, common sore,
watching life jump out the door


Submitted by André at Sun 10 Aug, 2003 12:00 am

Author: ?
Composer: ?
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Language: English
Available on: Lamprey (1995)


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