Take Your Clothes Off

Take Your Clothes Off by Timbaland featuring Missy Elliott, Music Lyrics and Video

Timbaland debuts his new weekly series Timbo Thursday with "Take Your Clothes Off". This is the first release of the new series and is unknown for how long he will be doing so. The single was released on January 13 2011 and features rapper Missy Elliott.

You can listen the song here.

Timbaland ft. Missy Elliott - Take Your Clothes Off Lyrics

I'm on that next sh-t
I'm on that next sh-t
You on that old sh-t

[Missy Elliot]

I got a figure eight figure, lookin' more bigger
Never booty shots, ass look thicker, ass jack tripper
I dance like stripper, been hot since Billy D was drinking malt liquor
I rock a beat like wooh, other chicks can boo like they at the parloo
I get it crazy for you baby, been rapping since y'all was lil babies
You better respect moi, voulez-vous coucher, yes moi
No I can't be stopped, might see me down the street in a brand new car
Now if y'all ain't on this new shit right now
Now ya'll gon have to find a new beat, new beat?
Now y'all on this new shit right here, take your clothes off in the vip

Take clothes off, take clothes off, oh
I take my clothes off, I take my clothes off, let's go

To the flo', take it off, to the flo', take it off
To the flo', take it off, to the flo', take it off

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name Miss
Rocking like no one else
I don't need yo' cause I'm feeling myself
Haters you all just be word to dell
Like a throw back to the flow back
Return to the Mac go 'head take my Kodak
I'm all that, ya ain't know that
You can't keep track if you had a low jack
Yeap, must of thought I was over
Been hot before Michael Jackson wore loafers
Ya was youngin, I was much older
Been rich before you even knew about Oprah
Before you knew about Oprah
Been rich before you knew about Oprah
Get it?
Been rich before you even knew about Oprah

Take clothes off
In the VIP, watch me take my clothes off
To the flow now, go and take your clothes off
Hey, take your clothes off.

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