Mmm Skyscraper I Love You

beautiful thing mmm skys
craper i love you 30,000
ft above the earth it's
a beautiful thing you'r
e a beautiful thing 30,0
00ft above the earth it'
s a beautiful thing ever
ybody is a beautiful thi
ng mmm skyscraper i love
you and i see elvis elvi
s i see porn dogs sniff
ing the wind sniffing th
e wind for something new
porn dogs sniffing the w
ind for something violen
t that they can do pornd
ogs sniffing the wind sn
iffing the wind for some
thing new porndogs sniff
ing the wind for somethi
ng violent for me and yo
u will you be my big pla
ything my total big diso
rientator will you be my
bigplaything my ninjapow
er my numbercruncher yes
yes yes no yes yes yes y
es yes yes no no and i se
e elvis and i hear god o
n the phone mmm skyscrap
er i love you i see porn
dogs sniffing the wind s
niffing the wind for som
ething new porndogs snif
fing the wind for someth
ing violent that they ca
n do porndogs sniffing t
he wind sniffing the win
d for something new porn
dogs sniffing the wind f
or something violent for
me and you the city is a
whore tonight and i see
god talking elvis god ta
lking pornfest porkfat j
esuschrist nightlight el
vis freshmeat and a litt
le whipped cream pornves
t porkfat jesus christ n
ightlife elvis freshmeat
and a little whipped cre
am 30,000ft above the ea
rth beautiful thing you'
re a beautiful thing 30,
000ft above the eart bea
utiful earth mmm skyscra
per i love you happily h
ow can i feel you watash
i mo aishiteru......


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Fri 15 Aug, 2003 3:58 pm

Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: Underworld (2)
Published in: 1993
Language: English


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