Muddy Waters
I feel like going home

Well, now it gettin' late on into the evenin'
And I feel like, like blowin' my home
When I woke up this mornin' all I, I had was gone
Now it gettin', late on into the evenin', man now
I feel like, like blowin' my home
Well now, woke up this mornin', all I had was gone

Well, brooks run into the ocean, the ocean run in, into the sea
But don't find my baby, somebody gonna sure bury me
Brooks run into the ocean, man, that ole ocean ran into the sea
Well now, if I don't find my baby
Somebody sure gonna bury me

Well, minutes seemed like hours, an hour don't it seem like days?
Seems like my baby would stop her old evil way
Minutes seemed like hours, an hour seemed like days
Well now, seems like my baby child, whoo-hoo well, child
Would stop her low down ways

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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
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Published in: 1948
Language: English
Covered from: Robert Johnson
Available on: 10 Greatest Blues Hits (2014), Baby Please Don't Go (1989), Blue Skies - The Best Of (2002), Blues Legend (1996), Blues Legend Cd2 (2000), Chess Masters Vol. 2 (1982), Country Blues (1994), Deep Down In The Blues (2001), Down South Blues (1992), Greatest Hits (1999), King Bee (1981), Muddy Jumps One (2000), Rare And Unissued (1984), Rollin' And Tumblin' (1990), Screamin' And Cryin' (2004), The Best Of Muddy Waters (2018), Ultimate Jazz & Blues (2004), Walkin' Blues (1995), Whiskey Blues (2003)


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